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Dash & Dot are capable robots that can sense their environment and can be programmed wirelessly using a touch device. Dash & Dot are designed to be fun at your home, in the classroom and in a child's play room. The combination of sensors on these robots, the child friendly programming tools on tablets and smart phones, and the design of the robots makes it fun and easy for kids (and grown ups!) to do several activities with robots that would have seemed impossible until now.



Dash has two drive wheels and a balance caster that enables it to drive forwards, backwards, spin, and move almost anyway you like.

Dash's head can move relative to the body, both pan and tilt, and the 12 LED's in the eye can be programmed independently to create patterns and animations.

You can customize Dash's personality by changing the colour of the side headlights, the eye animation and greetings. Dash's ability to play different sounds, including recordings of your own voice, add even more fun to play.

Dash's IR sensors allow it to sense how far away an object is in front or behind it - perfect for navigating around the home (or a maze!). The gyroscope and accelerometer help Dash orient itself and make better turns.

Encoders in the base motor help Dash plan its motion better and adjust for different surfaces, such as carpet and hardwood.


Position sensors in the head motors enable Dash to accurately move its head, which improves the ability to perform tasks accurately, such as playing the xylophone.

Dash has three microphones, that allow it to detect sound and direction it's coming from.



Dot's eye can be programmed to different patterns, just like Dash's. In addition, Dot's eye can be programmed to take a colour.

Dot has an accelerometer that helps detect when Dot is moved, shaken, tilted, rotated, dropped, and so on. These gestures can be used to program any other robot (or even used in conjunction with other devices). Dot can be used as a remote control to guide Dash along.

Dot has a microphone, and can respond to sound.

Just like Dash, Dot has various lights and a speaker that can be used as parts of its personality.

Pre-recorded sounds, or user recorded sounds, can be saved on Dot and played back.




Dash & Dot are designed to be a development platform. There are currently four different apps available on the Google Play and Apple App stores to program the robots visually.


Go - Go is where each child will start with the robots. Here, you can see the background story of Dash & Dot leaving Robot Island to come find their new human friends. This is where you will become familiar with the controls of Dash & Dot, like changing the colour of their lights, giving them different personality types, and driving Dash around with the remote control. This is the 'intro to robots' app, and it's fun for all ages. This is also where you set up your robot and make sure they are fully up to date, learn how to connect, and give the robots a name!

Path - Path is designed to introduce coding to pre-readers via visual path drawing and icon-based events. This begins at an introductory tutorial level and will allow users to progress to new maps if they complete learning challenges, like adding a noise to Dash's path or making it spin out like a racecar.

Blockly - The Blockly app is based on the visual coding environment developed by Google. This app is a visual coding tool ideal for kids 8 and older. Here, kids can program Dash with increasing complexity and have Dash and Dot interact with each other. The Blockly app gives you free rein on what the robots can do, and what the robots sense around them. You can use events, conditions, loops and all the usual controls of the robots. Start with example code and learn by editing and tweaking it.

Xylo - The Xylo app is designed to help kids program Dash to play the xylophone. It requires the optional xylophone accessory. The interface blends in music and coding, and brings out the specific concepts of loops for children to explore patterns in music.



Check the list below to make sure your device and OS is currently supported.


* The current version of Blockly on Android cannot save programs, and doesn't have pre-loaded default programs.

** The Nexus 7 (2013) can only connect to one robot at a time. We recommend that Nexus 7 users purchase Dash only.

You may be able to download and use the applications on other iOS and Android tablets and phones, however not all applications will be optimized for these devices.


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